What is DANA?

Diagonostic Applied Neuro-pychological Association (DANA)

The year was 2000, A few professionals working in the field of mental health were drawn together by a common interest in the mysteries behind the intricacies of human mind, the dynamics involved in its functioning and malfunctioning with a deep comitment towards people needing help. The outcome was the formation of Diagnostic and Aplied - Neuro Psychological Association, or in short, DANA.

Right from its inception, DANA strove towards providing quality mental health services in a friendly and comforting enviroment to people of all ages. Its team of experts is well trained in the field of mental health and incorporates the latest treatment modalties to identify, locate and effectively with dysfunctional problems. Its goal is to enhance the quality of life for all its clients as well as for the community which it serves by creating awareness.

Towards achieving its objective DANA provides the following services...

Following the path shown by the greatest stalwarts reaching out to the people seeking help, DANA Strives to remove the cloud, letting the spirit fly high and regain its "capacity to love and work"

DANA is an NGO registered under WB Societies Registration Act 1961.
DANA Managing Committee

  • Dr Amal Kumar Mullick : President
  • Dr Sheila Banerjee : Vice President
  • Dr Sayandip Ghosh : Secretary
  • Ms Pallabi Mukhopadhyay : Joint Secretary
  • Mr P.K. Moitra : Treasurer
  • Ms Sutapa Chakraborty : Coordinator
  • Dr Amit Chakraborty : Member
  • Dr Gautam Bandyaopadhay : Member
  • Ms Bandana Mukhopadhyay : Member
  • Ms Ratna Mitra : Member
  • Ms Rita Roy : Member

Dana Official Logo

DANA Helpline

033 - 2422 -- 9932 * 9051252231


15/4, Rahim Ostagar Road, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata - 700 045, (Near 95 Pally Club)




Monday - Saturday (12 Noon - 8PM)